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Shield Your Brand Authenticity with Alibaba Good Faith Program

Maximize your digital impact, amplify your customer reach, and empower your brand. Is this a sink or swim proposition in the evolving world of online marketplaces, where risks of Intellectual Property (IP) violations loom for brands that are succeeding? We don’t think so, because programs like the Alibaba Good Faith Program are here to help.

The team at SnapDragon have used their expertise to leverage the Good Faith Program, helping brands navigate online challenges and opportunities. Read more and learn if this initiative might be a good fit for your business. 

Understanding Alibaba Good Faith Program

The Good Faith Program is not just a policy, it’s a relationship of trust between Alibaba and Intellectual Property rights (IPR) owners. This program provides a dedicated pathway for proactive IPR owners to quickly enforce their rights using the Alibaba Intellectual Property Protection Platform (Alibaba IPP). The initiative introduces robust protection against Intellectual Property violations across Alibaba’s e-commerce platforms (AlibabaAliExpress1688TaobaoTmallLazada).

Simple Steps to Secure Your Brand

Joining the Good Faith Program is very straightforward. By fulfilling the following criteria on Alibaba IPP, your brand can automatically become a part of this program:

  • A successful takedown rate of greater than 90%.
  • A successful counter-notification rate of less than 5%.
  • Filing more than 100 complaints in the last three months.

Unlocking the Perks of Alibaba Good Faith Program

Being part of this program offers numerous benefits:

  • Rapid and efficient takedown of infringements.
  • Simplified proof of Intellectual Property requirements.
  • Access to an enhanced dashboard for better management and analysis.
  • Personalised support and direct communication with Alibaba’s IPP team.

Join the Fight Against Fakes

At SnapDragon Monitoring, we effectively employ the Alibaba Good Faith Program to assist numerous clients. For a prestigious pyjama brand in London, this resulted in quickly removing over 1,100 copycats. We hold that the program adds another layer of safeguard and efficiency for many brands, proving to be a valuable component of a strong brand protection strategy.

Contact us to discover how our team of Intellectual Property experts can leverage the Alibaba Good Faith Program to benefit you. Protecting your brand may be only a click away.


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