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SnapDragon Unique IP Protection in South Korea

Navigating the intricate world of IP protection in South Korea’s thriving online marketplaces is challenging. With a mix of sellers and a bridge to a global customer base, these digital platforms are a battleground for brand rights.

In this blog, discover how SnapDragon’s expertise simplifies a complex process, providing a strategic shield for our clients in South Korea. Join us as we delve into SnapDragon’s approach to tackling IP infringement here and celebrate the victories of brands who’ve joined forces with us.

A Growing International Presence of South Korean Marketplaces 

Korean marketplaces represent a thriving international presence, largely fueled by sellers originating from China and Japan. Recognising the diversity of their online customers, platforms such as Gmarket and 11street, have crafted global websites that serve specifically international customers. These websites break down geographical barriers by offering options for international shipping and featuring multiple language selections, including English and Chinese, ensuring a seamless and inclusive shopping experience for users worldwide.

Brands should particularly keep an eye on Coupang11streetGmarketAuctionTmonNaverSSG.com, and Interpark.

Securing Your Brand’s IP Protection in South Korea 

With the growing traction of online Korean marketplaces, brands need to secure their Intellectual Property rights in this territory. All South Korean Intellectual rights should be registered with the Korea Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), and Intellectual Property certificates need to be certified by this office as well.

Trademarks registered in English characters can also be used to enforce all variations in Korean characters of the same trademark. Unregistered copyright (image theft from the official website) is not required to be certified by KIPO.

Read more about IP Protection in South Korea at: https://kipo.go.kr

SnapDragon Monitoring: A Shield for Your Brand’s Intellectual Property Rights

SnapDragon streamlines the intricacies of navigating Intellectual Property enforcement for our clients. By offering robust technical support to monitor and pinpoint possible infringements within Korean marketplaces through our AI-powered software, we find infringements quickly and effectively.

  • Our software detects online infringements on the Korean marketplaces. 
  • Our team of Intellectual Property experts gather all the required documents and sendthem to Korea by post (often required) to register an account on the relevant Intellectual Property portal.
  • Online Korean marketplaces might require local contact details for portal registration/enforcement. SnapDragon assists clients in fulfilling this requirement.
  • SnapDragon provide unparalleled language support, with native Korean speakers facilitating document translation and ensuring clear, effective communication with the marketplaces. 

In the last months, our team of Intellectual Property experts have effectively combated over 1,000 counterfeits and trademark infringements across 8 Korean marketplaces, protecting global designers, baby products, and gaming brands.

Our team is ready to help assess any IP Protection in South Korea, backed by unparalleled service, to tackle any threats that may emerge in this key territory. Get in touch today and see how we can shield your brand.

IP Protection in South Korea
IP Protection in South Korean


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