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British IP Day 2019

Today marks British IP Day which celebrates the central role that Intellectual Property (IP) plays across the UK.

For us, IP is our bread and butter – it’s what we work with all day every day to help brands fight fakes online. In this blog we take a look at online brand protection, and why it is crucial for brands of any shape and size.

What is brand protection?

Brand protection is what businesses do to ensure their brand remains strong, their revenues profitable, and their customers happy, safe and loyal.

Brand protection means making sure your trademarks, design rights, patents and copyright are used by you and your trusted network – and no one else.

Brand protection means preventing anyone from ripping you off – knowingly or not – and making money off the back of your hard work.

Brand protection means keeping copies of your brand off the streets, away from online marketplaces, and out of the hands of the people who trust you to deliver quality, safety and the guarantee that when they buy your products or services, they can count on you to deliver.

I’m an SME – do I really need to protect my brand?

Fact: Size doesn’t matter. SMEs are critical to the health of the global economy, and a major source of driving product innovation. In today’s digital marketplace, where SMEs have a growing presence across multiple channels, the need to defend against counterfeiting and IP infringements has never been greater to ensure you:

✔️ remain relevant

✔️ deliver value

✔️ foster innovation

✔️ and grow market share.

So big, small, and everything in between, it pays to protect your brand.

The fallout of counterfeiting

Failing to protect your brand robustly online seriously compromises your chances of future growth. Not convinced? An attack against your brand could mean:

❌ Huge clean-up costs – resulting in diverted revenues

❌ Customer complaints – leading to potentially lasting reputational damage

❌ Compromised customer safety – need we say more?

❌ and years of hard work down the proverbial drain

The bottom line? If you’re in the business of protecting your brand, weaving proactive brand defence into your business strategy will go a long way to ensuring you stay one step ahead of the counterfeiters – and we think that’s priceless.

What to do next

Every brand is unique, but they all need to be protected. SnapDragon is at the forefront of brand defence, helping brands big and small to secure their future – and their customers. If you’d like to find out how SnapDragon can help power your growth, let’s get the conversation started.

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Beginning her SnapDragon career as an analyst, Ailidh is now using her marketing background to raise awareness of the importance of online brand protection.