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Malarkey Kids

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About Malarkey Kids

Malarkey Kids was founded by doting Mum, Melissa Seifert-Hyslop, when she struggled to find products that would help to soothe her teething baby. When traditional products failed to do the trick, she took matters into her own hands and invented the Munch Mitt – a wearable sensory teething mitt made of silicone. The mitt is durable, safe and easily sanitized, making it the ideal solution for busy parents. From there, the company has expanded with a full range of fun, and functional baby products.

For more information on Malarkey Kids, visit the website here.

Quick Stats

  • 1427 infringing listings removed over the last 9 months
  • Infringement type is 98% utility patent
  • 90% successful enforcement rate on key platform: AliExpress
  • Global coverage

The Problem

Due to the great success of the Munch Mitt, Malarkey Kids began to notice copies appearing on third party ecommerce sites. Great care and consideration had gone into the design of this innovative product, and the safety of Malarkey Kids’ tiny customers was the top priority, so dangers associated with cheap, knock-off products was a major concern. Counterfeit products rarely go through any of the rigorous safety testing required to take a product to market; and are frequently made from poor quality materials and often contain loose parts and hazardous chemicals.

Not only could the cheap copies seriously harm unknowing customers, the team was seriously worried that the business’ reputation would be impacted if unsuspecting consumers purchased fake items, thinking they were the real deal. To make matters worse, as cheap copies proliferated online, genuine sales sharply and significantly declined. After all the hard work spent building a successful, global brand and loyal consumer base, this was devastating for everyone. The in-house team tried to tackle this growing issue, but quickly saw the distraction and inefficiency of trying to solve the problem on their own. 

The Solution

Malarkey Kids first met SnapDragon at the Kind + Jugend trade fair in Cologne.

“Before we met SnapDragon, we were trying to report infringing listings ourselves but found that we were making little impact. We met Mary Kernohan in Cologne and she was so informative about SnapDragon’s expertise and very personal experience of online infringements. We really liked how understanding the team were of our plight.”

SnapDragon quickly went to work to detect infringing listings and take them down. The trajectory of new counterfeits quickly declined, and fake products were cut off at source. Not only this, but genuine sales have significantly increased. Through their strong brand protection strategy and partnership, SnapDragon continues to strive to ensure revenues stream to the true innovators, and that authentic product continues to make its way onto the hands of little customers around the globe.



The team at SnapDragon are fabulous to work with, and the monthly reports are so thorough and reassuring. SnapDragon has made a huge difference to our business, and we can rest easier knowing they are taking care of our brand online.”

Monika Buna

Internal Distribution Manager


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