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2023 Season’s Greetings: Thank you from the Dragons

As the year comes to a close, we extend our season’s greetings to all, and take a moment to reflect on our shared milestones and some cherished times.

A time to celebrate

With the festive spirit in the air, our Christmas party was a delightful gathering, uniting us in laughter, cheer, and gratitude. It was a celebration of the collaborative spirit that defines the business.

The Journey of our Dragons’ Growth

Throughout the year we have worked hard to keep two steps ahead of online fraudsters, and deliver innovative brand protection solutions to our clients around the world. The support and partnerships from which we have benefited have been very much the driving force behind our success, and we send our grateful thanks to everyone who has, and is, part of the journey. We hope the benefits of new tech features and new services have continued to be worth their weight in gold.  

  • Our new software features empower brands to effectively identify and address major infringements.
  • Our proactive monitoring of growing high-risk marketplaces, such as Temu, ensures enhanced protection for clients against online threats.
  • Our advanced expertise in dealing with threats like impersonation websites guarantees fast removal of sites damaging our clients’ brands.
  • Our partnership with ACID reinforces our dedication to providing strong support to designers.

Each step we’ve taken has been in response to fluctuating market conditions and client feedback, improving both the product and services. Although each season brought new online challenges – the team’s perseverance turned these obstacles into opportunities for improved brand protection services.

Dragons Gratitude and Looking to the Future

As we raise our glasses to the accomplishments of the year and the promises of the future, we extend our warmest wishes to you and your loved ones for a happy holiday season. May we wish you happiness and prosperity in 2024.

The SnapDragon team is excited about the coming year, where new opportunities and endeavours await. 

Let’s all embrace the spirit of the season – a time for giving, sharing, and spreading happiness. 

From your SnapDragon team, Happy Holidays! 

Season's greetings


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