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We’re exhibiting at ABC Kids Expo 2017!

SnapDragon is delighted to be exhibiting at ABC Kids Expo on 17 – 19 October in Las Vegas where we will be giving free tips on online brand protection.

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Pop along to booth 139, in the Plaza, anytime or catch Mary or Rachel on the Plaza Presentation Stage during your visit.

Our team of online brand protection specialists are also taking bookings for 1 to 1 meetings if you would like to find out more about SnapDragon services, you can arrange your meeting with via the button below.

The dangers of counterfeits

Every sector is affected by intellectual property (IP) abuse, and small businesses can be particularly vulnerable as registration and enforcement costs can escalate quickly, especially when operating in an international marketplace.

Rapid technological advancements are making it easier than ever for counterfeiters to produce authentic-looking goods to sell online. Where the cost differentials are minimal, it’s common for unsuspecting customers to assume the product advertised is just a great bargain, rather than a fake.

Loss of revenue is a major challenge for your business when targeted by counterfeiters and can have devastating implications when you have little flexible income. Counterfeits destroy brand reputations and harmful fakes present a real danger to your consumers, particularly in sectors such as pharmaceuticals and baby products where they often fail to meet legal quality standards.

Take action now

Online counterfeit retail sales have grown at an annual rate of 20% since the rise of e-commerce, meaning that the volume of fake goods sold online will soon surpass those sold by physical vendors. In China, over 40% of goods purchased from the Internet are said to be fake, or bad quality, despite efforts by the government to deal with the problem.

Unlike large companies with well-paid brand protection teams, you may feel as a small business owner that you lack the resources and know-how to protect your intellectual property.

It might feel intimidating, but you must take action and SnapDragon is here to help.

Why SnapDragon?

SnapDragon has successfully protected hundreds of brands online and we are thrilled to have been shortlisted in the Growing Business/Amazon Awards and we have been selected as one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies in the UK by London Innovators. This is in addition to our inclusion in the Start-ups Top 100 earlier this year.

Don’t miss us at ABC Kids Expo on 17 – 19 of October at booth 139!


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